They are contributing to the Time Capsule 

Corinne Lepage

Environmental lawyer

Pascal Demurger


Mounir Mahjoubi


Sarah Durieux

Executive Director

Bertrand Piccard

Explorer & Founder of the Solar Impulse Foundation

Primavera De Filippi

Researcher, artist and Internet activist

Alice Barbe – Co-fondatrice & CEO Singa

Laurent Bazin – Journaliste

Roxanne Varza – Directrice Station F

Nicolas Gaume – CEO Space Cargo Unlimited

Géraldine Plenier-Latieule – DG Positive Planet France

Edouard Petit – Co-fondateur Magma App

Chloé Bonnet – CEO Five by Five

Guillaume Champeau – Chief Ethics and Legal Affairs Officer Qwant

Marjorie Pouzadoux – Directrice projet innovation Prisma Media

David Lacombled – Président de la Villa Numéris

Cyrille de Lasteyrie – Auteur

Anaïs Richardin – Rédactrice en chef Maddyness

Jean Moreau – CEO Phénix

Emilie Vidaud – Journaliste

Nicolas Bordas – Vice-Président International TBWAWorldwide

Clara Deletraz – Co-fondatrice Switch Collective

Jean de la Rochebrochard – Partner Kima Ventures

Anna Balez – Entrepreneur

Jean Zeid – Chroniqueur radio

Flora Clodic-Tanguy – Créatrice d’Au Bonheur des Zèbres

Dernière mise à jour 08/06/2020

Stéphane Distinguin – CEO Fabernovel

Rachel Vanier – Autrice

Tristan Nitot – Open-source and privacy advocate

Danielle McCaffrey – Fondatrice Oceanoholic

Arnaud Chaigneau – CMO MoHo & Schoolab

Hélène de Saint-Front – Co-fondatrice B-Harmonist

Julien Vidal – Fondateur Ca commence par moi

Hélène Le Teno – Directrice de la Jean-Noël Thorel Foundation

Leonid Goncharov – Fondateur Anticafé

Sarah Roy – Data & Insight Lead Airbnb

Time Capsule’s Godmother

Dr. Jane Goodall

Founder of the Jane Goodall Institute & UN Messenger of Peace

« Humans are destroying the environment. We are on the verge of reaching a point of no return. We haven’t been borrowing our children’s future. We’ve been stealing it.

But I do have reasons for hope. There are reasons for hope.

After nearly six decades fighting for our environment, I’m still very much optimistic: young people of all ages involved in our Roots & Shoots programmes around the world have shown, and are showing, tremendous energy in tackling environmental and social problems, in righting the wrongs, in building a better future for all living things.

Together we can change the world. All we need is to imagine where we want to be… and take the first step in that direction.

Time Capsule is an opportunity to do just that: it’s not only about sending a message to future generations, it’s about standing up to imagine a future worth fighting for and taking action »

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