At Time Capsule, we are dreamers. After all, our mission is to invite people to imagine a more welcoming future and to inspire them to move in that direction.

And to achieve anything meaningful, you have to dream big. So we are dreaming about having the following personalities to  send a message for the future with Time Capsule (we’ve asked each member of the team to give us a few names). 

✓Jane Goodall

– Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

– Jacinda Ardern

– Naomi Klein

Valentin Pringuay

Founder Time Capsule & Terra Incognita

– David Attenborough

– Gisele Bündchen

– Bill Gates

Sarah Cristina da Silveira

Time Capsule's ambassador in Brazil

– Pierre Rabhi

– Matthieu Chedid

– Sadio Mané

Valère Brunet

Event Manager Time Capsule

– Hanae Bezad

– Mustapha El Imrani

– Soukaina Rachidi

Tlaytmass Saou

Time Capsule's ambassador in Morocco

– Dr. Wolfgang Schäuble

– Dr. Harald Lesch

Christian Schlömer

Time Capsule's ambassador in Germany