My message to the future

Time Capsule is your roadmap for a future to initiate now.

By answering the following questions, you are helping us to map the future that we collectively want to shape.

Your answers in the “in 3650 days” section will be sealed in a time capsule until the year 2030. The “now…” section will be published today to feature the individual contributions that each of you wants to accomplish starting today.

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about you

1. Who are you? Indicate your first name, your surname (unless you prefer to be identified by your first name only), your age, country of birth, and a brief introduction of yourself (in 1 to 5 words).

2. What have you achieved since 2010? List some of your highlights of the last 10 years.

in 3650 days…

3. What message would you like to send to your future self of 2030? What do you hope to accomplish over the next 10 years, both professionally and personally?

4. What would the ideal society look like for you in 2030? Describe 2-3 major changes that will have to take place in the next 3650 days to achieve your vision for 2030?


5. What are the first steps towards your vision of 2030? What are the initial actions you can start today?

6. From whom would you like to discover the vision for our society in 2030? After answering this question, we invite you to try to contact this person (via social networks, by finding an email on their website, etc.) to invite them to contribute to Time Capsule.